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 Since the real estate bubble burst in 2007, many homeowners have made hard decisions to either short sell their home, walk away and foreclose or maybe even file bankruptcy to get out from underneath a mortgage or other bills they simply cannot afford.

There are many reasons, including job loss, medical problems, under employment, job transfer or even divorce, that have pushed home owners to make these hard choices about their homes.

The good news is, "time heals all wounds," including your ability to purchase a home after a credit mishap like bankuptcy, foreclosure and short sales.

Most people can purchase again in two to three years after their mishap. And there are even some programs out there that allow you to purchase the day after a shortsale has closed if  you have a large enough down payment.

I am here to help naviate you through the fundamentals of Purchasing, Selling, Renting, Invesing in property. Please contact me today for a consultation.


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Welcome to the best resource for searching for your new home. Provided by:
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When seaching for a Real Estate Agent you want someone you can trust, an ally. 


A home is not a home because of its room dimensions or the color of the walls. It is about how you feel when you walk through the front door, and the way you can instantly envision your life unfolding there. My team and I are here to help you navigate through the real estate process. This is about more than real estate. It is about your life, and your dreams. 


Keller Williams Realty takes a different approach to real estate. One that is built on personal touches, win-win deals, and positive results. With continuing education, knowledge about purchasing and holding, and the latest shifts in the market place, You have the advantage!

When you hire us as your Real Estate Agents, we utilize the latest technologies, market research, and business strategies to exceed your expectations. More importantly, we listen. That means we will find solutions that are tailored to you. We take extra care to get as much information as we can about you and your needs, because as the saying goes; "the devil is in the details."

From reviewing floor plans, to submitting offers or listing your current residence/investment, We are here to methodically go over every detail. It is our mission to ensure you are comfortable with the many important decisions that need to be made.

"Because it's not just a roof over your head!"

Thank you for starting your Real Estate search with us. This website is full of information for you whether you are looking to Buy, Sell, Rent or Invest. 

After you have had the chance to review this information,
contact me so we can talk about how we can help you.

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Below are some questions we have been asked several times in the past few months.

Q: I am a first time home buyer, is there a good place to start my home search?

A: It is a good idea to have your credit score available and speak to a lender.  They can help you determine a price range that will work for your budget.  You can find more information at:  

Q: I've been renting for a few years now due to a foreclosure, when can I purchase again?

Here are some tips:
Know Where You Stand- Check your credit report and your FICO score! Look to make sure your creditors from your short sale, foreclosure, bankruptcy, credit cards, medical bills and any other debts are filing properly. You can get a absolutely free annual copy from all 3 major credit bureaus at: https://www.annualcreditreport.com/cra/index.jsp

Try to Maintain 2-3 Open Credit Accounts- For example: Car payments, Credit cards, Store Credit, Student Loans etc.

Keep Your Revolving Credit Lines 30-35% of Your Balance- For example, If  you have a $500 line of credit don't maintain more than $150-$175 balance.

Make Sure You File Your Taxes- Typically 2 years of completed tax returns will be required to obtain a mortgage. If you have recently started a small business or work in a predominantly cash business I highly recommend you hire a CPA. I personally recommend: 

Keep your Pay Stubs- They will come in handy when filing your taxes and other documents in the mortgage acquisition process.

Pay Your Bills on Time- Any late payments can lower your FICO score, which can raise the interest rate you will be offered for your home loan. Most lenders require a minimum of a 640 FICO score to even consider you for a mortgage. However, not all lenders have the same requirements.  If you are looking for a lender I recommend

Shop For A Real Estate Agents and Lender- Interview Real Estate Agent and Lenders in your area. Most agents can help you find a lender and vise versa.  Remember we work for YOU!